is an e-advertisement firm based in the eastern part of Nigeria.
We are into¬† promotion of upcoming artists,comedians and people with special talents that need to take their God’s gift to the next higher level.
Currently,we are in some of the African countries and correspondent staffs in Uk,USA and Germany.


Every project has a driving inspiration, we based our business development theory on the following facts.

  • Most African countries see everything from Nigeria as being cool and great when it comes to entertainment .While in Nigeria new and upcoming Artists find it very hard to upgrade to limelight. Capitalizing on this fact, we started moving these good artists that can not meet the high business jump in Nigeria to other countries where the ground is fertile for them.And we bring in other new upcoming African artists into Nigeria where it will be hard to evaluate their worth,through our unique style, they are measured up into Nigerian music market.
  • We know that Promotion of an upcoming Artist is hard, we go all out to achieve this goal through complete publication of everything about such an Artist.Such as publication of all his/her tracks, special background web-page with the Artist picture,Artist biography,Interview and colourful picture gallery of the Artist.All these will aid acceptance and appeal of the Artist to the general public…..Only¬† Redjamz does this.
  • New hit song of registered Artists never go to the background in Redjamz, it is either in the top rated Album, featured Album, Redjamz Vibes/News, Artist column or Album page.
  • On request, we can open a full width web-page for any Artist or company.(Top class service)
  • Artists reserved the right to choose how we design their home-page in music site does it this way)
  • We update our upbeat website on every 3hours per day.Tripping our teeming viewers.
  • We are always online jamming the air-wave with latest products.

You can now see do not come for already made Artists,although they will gain more popularity with us but Upcoming Artists benefits more.

Just an e-mail or a phone call to our Business development department, your song/video is online. do not compete with any company or any individual, we are focused,business minded and committed towards satisfying our teeming fans and customers that subscribed to our e-services…..from the Founder Jose D’Angelo.